Making safety part of the process

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System Description


QC Check 4.0 is an application which provides a safety inspection system for all types of equipment and logs the results; when connected to Out Board’s PAT-4 and Cab- 5 the inspection process includes electrical (PAT), RCD (in development) and cable testing.

An inspection workstation consists of a computer on which QC-Check is active; the application (and SQL database) can be installed on a single computer for standalone operation or on a server for multi-user systems.   Each instance of QC-Check can control one PAT-4 and multiple CAB-5’s allowing electrical safety (PAT) testing to be combined with testing of cables.Capture PAT tester

The PAT-4 is supplied in single phase and 3-phase versions with current ratings of 16, 32 or 125 amp.  The unit carries out electrical safety tests consisting of the measurement of earth bond resistance (MBR) and measurement of insulation resistance (MIR).  A functional test can also be applied to the EUT (Equipment Under Test).

The CAB-5 cable test module is connected to and controlled by the PAT-4.  Each CAB-5 can
test 5 cores of cable and up to 20 units can be daisy chained to the PAT-4 (cables with up to 100 cores).   The cable cores are tested sequentially for continuity (with load variable up to 25A) and insulation resistance.