Making safety part of the process

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QC-Check represents the apotheosis of the company’s philosophy of combining software and hardware as, with long term partners Out Board, this product provides a comprehensive method for testing equipment for electrical safety (PAT), thorough inspection of cables and assurance that RCD protection for power equipment is working correctly. The latest version of QC-Check and the new generation of Out Board testers address the ever increasing focus on compliance with industry safety standards with the added benefit of enhanced workflow efficiency.qccheck


The QC-Check database carries full details of equipment preparation and test parameters allowing highly efficient PAT and cable testing on the fly during prep or offline as part of a quarantine workflow procedure. Complex layered tests can be user-defined for special items such as IWB’s, stage boxes and kits. In addition, sub-hire equipment can be temporarily tested and logged as Guest items.

Test results are updated in real-time at an individual asset level for each item, and detailed user-branded PAT Test certificates can be generated instantly to go out with the job. Non-electrical items can also be covered by their own preparation procedures and reports, including LOLER data forms for inspection of lifting devices.

PAT-4 and QC-Check communicate via USB or Ethernet, and the system readily networks into multi-seat, multi-site configurations including thin-client implementations.

The data and operations can be seamlessly integrated into third-party rental software, and Data Strategy has a wealth of experience working with most contemporary products as well as a number of proprietary environments.