Making safety part of the process

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QC-Check maintains the integrity of Universal Pixels’ power

When the regulatory moment arrived for Data Strategy’s QC-Check customer, Universal Pixels, to inspect its StageSmarts power distribution systems, QC-Check’s comprehensive RCD inspection process was implemented with an unexpected outcome.

Award-winning video supplier, Universal Pixels, takes a robust approach to electrical safety, relying upon Data Strategy’s QC-Check to inspect its electrical inventory to a level of integrity beyond that required statutorily. The company also favours StageSmarts power distribution systems, which incorporate new technological safety and protection systems.

When a safety indicator of the StageSmarts system conflicted with QC-Check causing a test fail, the two suppliers got together to provide an effective solution.

The answer to the issue was an update to the StageSmarts safety feature included in its power distribution systems with the change integrated into future production.  A simple bypass has been incorporated for the purpose of testing that allows indicator LEDs to disengage whilst an insulation resistance test is performed.

Universal Pixels’ operations director, Oliver Luff, said “We were really pleased with how the complication was handled. Data Strategy was able to help us immediately counter the ‘fail’ situation and the two companies worked cooperatively to find a long-term solution.

“We’re really happy with the result. QC-check performs an integral part of our quality and safety checks for our customers. It makes us feel confident that our equipment is in the best possible condition.”