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Paragon Power Services invests in second QC-Check cable testing workstation

Alan McWhirter of Paragon Power Services has recently invested in a second QC-check workstation to meet the"It's quick, it's easy, and it saves us money!" quote demands of his expanding business.

Glasgow-based Paragon relies on distribution systems and thousands of three-phase cables to provide power services and whilst, Alan says, “… there are other ways of testing cables, …QC Check is the easiest way”. Alan adds, “It also allows all the information to be logged and stored on a system, so you’ve got a history.”

Over the last year, Paragon’s equipment hasn’t been in constant use so, in preparation for a full opening,  every piece of equipment and cabling needed to be tested. Alan was relieved to be able to do the testing through his existing QC Check workstation. He explains, “Without the QC- check, you’re manually writing down the results and keeping a copy of it… and three-phase cables: there’s nothing on the market that does three-phase cables properly.”

In short, Alan says, “Data Strategy’s QC-Check enables us to meet the BS7909 standard; it makes testing fast and much easier, and it saves us money”