Making safety part of the process

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LCR Rental invest in safety

LCR Rental’s summer intern operates the QC-check with ease

LCR rental has recently added an important safety measure to its very busy warehouse. The company has invested in a QC-Check workstation from Data Strategy. The addition of the QC-Check puts a process into place to ensure all equipment goes out in a safe working condition!

LCR’s project manager, Steve Bliss, explains, “With QC-Check in the warehouse, testing procedures can not only be carried out quickly but the programme also records every inspection ensuring that no faults or safety issues ‘slip through the net’Obviously, that’s something no rental company wants to happen! We use QC-Check to test all cables, moving lights, generic lights and distros that leave LCR, so we can be very sure that will not happen.”

For Steve and the team at LCR Rental, QC-Check brings speed and efficiency to the warehouse – and peace of mind on the safety side of things.