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Data Strategy Showcases New QC-Check Features For ‘Satellite Testing’ At PLASA 2019

Data Strategy will showcase QC-Satellite, an exciting new feature for the QC-Check workstation, on stand K10 at this year’s PLASA 2019 (Olympia, London – 15-17 September 2019)

SLX's Gary Smith holds VeriCal from Data Strategy, also on stand K10 at PLASA 2019

SLX’s Gary Smith holds VeriCal from Data Strategy, also on stand K10 with the QC-Satellite unit at PLASA 2019

QC-Satellite provides the facility to take a workstation off-site for testing equipment and then, on its return to the home warehouse, upload all the test data automatically to the central database.  The QC-Satellite testing feature is ideal for companies with large warehouses or remote theatre areas that do not have connection to the LAN/Wi-Fi network.

The feature specifically enables the cable-, RCD-, and Out Board PAT-testing capabilities of the QC-Check to be carried out in areas where there is no connection to the central SQL database, which can happen when there is a testing requirement at another site, or in an area with no network connection.

Also on stand and available for demonstration will be VeriCal, which can also be viewed at the show’s PLASA 2019 Innovation Gallery as the product has been entered into the PLASA 2019 Innovation Awards.

VeriCal ensures the PAT-4 test unit, an integral part of the QC-Check workstation, produce verified and accurate results.  Earlier this year, UK hire and events company, SLX, used VeriCal to prepare for ISO accreditation. The company faced the annual prospect of being without its 14 QC-Check workstations for a period of up to four weeks whilst the units went off-site for certification that the PAT testers were within their operation specifications.

However, this year, VeriCal, the hand-held, on-site alternative to off-site calibration, ensured the Out Board PAT-4 testers were within their operational specifications.
SLX business systems & quality coordinator, Gary Smith, revealed, “Not only did we succeed in the ISO accreditation process, but the warehouse was able to continue to work seamlessly and that is critical for our operation.”

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