Making safety part of the process

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Check Mate! Star Live’s exciting 2023 and how QC-Check transformed their operation- in January issue of LSi

In this month’s LSi, Star Live ’s Roger Barrett, confirmed, “QC-Check has been a sea change for us. It has transformed our operation. We’re on top of testing because it’s so fast and simple to do now.

The article details how Star Live– in implementing their new business workflow- integrated a QC-Check workstation from Data Strategy into their mechanical and electrical testing, to scale up the process and to ensure the safety and functionality of the equipment in use.

The QC-Check workstation not only tests the safety and functionality of electrical appliances and cables, generating job-specific report documentation for each job or project, but it also manages the tracking of mechanical testing. With real-time integration into the existing inventory management software in Star Live’s warehouse, QC-Check manages the entire end-to end process of automating, controlling and logging all electrical equipment and cable tests, creating detailed audit trails for all aspects of equipment safety inspection.

Barrett explains: “It’s been noted by people who’ve been with us a long time that there’s a new level of confidence now. They know that when they grab half a dozen cables on-site, they’re all going to work. It’s difficult to imagine anything else could do what it does.

Read the full article about how QC-Check formed the cornerstone of a new testing-based business workflow at Star Live, testing not only the safety and functionality of electrical appliances and cables but also managing the tracking of mechanical testing.

LSi January Issue