Making safety part of the process

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Author : Iain

Check Mate! Star Live’s exciting 2023 and how QC-Check transformed their operation- in January issue of LSi

In this month’s LSi, Star Live ’s Roger Barrett, confirmed, “QC-Check has been a sea change for us. It has transformed our operation. We’re on top of testing because it’s so fast and simple to do now.” The article details how Star Live– in implementing their new business workflow- integrated a QC-Check workstation from Data

Event Concept takes delivery of its third Data Strategy QC-Check upgrade

Event Concept’s Richard Purcell has taken delivery of the company’s THIRD QC-Check upgrade after the venerable CAB18 cable tester went into retirement after 12 years of dedicated service. Since 2004, Event Concept has ensured the best technical production for their events by checking equipment is compliant and in great working order in partnership with Data

Final unit of nine QC-Check’s delivered to VER

Ready for delivery! VER’s final #QC-Check unit – of 9 ordered – is on its way! SES Entertainment Services Ltd’s Workshop Mgr, Will Healy, oversees the precision engineering of each #QCCheck. He checks distro production on SES’s two QC-Check units, which then produce the compliance certificate